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Early Gray the Band

Self-described as a "modern folk" duo, Early Gray began as experimental duo by two classical musicians hoping to get away with pulling music out of thin air instead of laboriously from the page. What started as pure improvisation spun into fully developed vocal and instrumental compositions, challenging both musicians to fully accept the roll of instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, poet, and improvisor. 

The musicians, Drake Duffer (guitar) and Owen Dodds (piano), met at North Carolina School of the Arts during their high school and college years. While they both went on to pursue graduate degrees in classical performance, Drake at Yale and Owen at BU and Mannes, they continued writing and performing music as Early Gray. 


Early Gray has appeared in venues such as Lincoln Center's Clark Studio Theater, Rockwood Music Hall, Pete's Candy Store and the Reeves Theater. They have collaborated with artists including Gabriel Kahane, Tanner Porter, and Margaret Gayford. 

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